Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let the Scrapbooking Begin!

I have been very excited by the response to this blog. Through email and comments I have learned that many people are in the same situation that I am in, I am WAY behind in scrapbooking and wish I had time to catch up. Well I can't stop time and I can't stop my crazy life, so I have tried to work out when I can fit it into my life. I am very lucky to have a room that I can have a layout sitting half done and keep going back to it but anybody can do this. Find a spot in your house that you can set up a cart table and get started. I used to get all stressed out about finding the right layout and getting all my supplies together. I guess I have gotten more comfortable with scrapbooking because most of the time I don't have a plan. I choose the pictures, usually about 8 for a 2 page spread, and lay them out, see what colors are standing out and start from there. I was able to do 2 layouts yesterday. I got both of my ideas from scrapbook magazines. I usually flip through the magazines and find a page where I like something on it and I work with it. I have posted pictures of the pages I did yesterday with a picture that I used as reference for one of the pages. I got my idea from the Creative Keepsakes magazine. I basically used the idea of putting a horizontal piece of patterned paper on a solid card stock. It was that easy. My pages are simple at this point because I am behind. The more simple I go the better I like it. I still have journaling to do, but that will come. Here is a question for you....Do you type your journaling or handwrite it? Just curious!

I challenge you to find a space that you can call your own, you deserve that!!!!

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  1. Hi, friend. This is a very fun site. So glad for you because I know this will be fun for you. I didn't see on the site, however, where I could sign up for someone else doing my scrapbooking???