Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New fall layout

Here is a new layout that I created for my favorite season to scrapbook, the fall. I stamped the leaves with a versa mark pad and then chalked them. I used a versa mark pen from stamping up to help mix the colors. I used pop up dots to give it a different look.
On a side note... so excited I just heard a bird. Oh how I miss them in the long winter months. Thanks, bird , for reminding me of the spring that is sure to come.


  1. Great pages Cheryl, especially the one on the bottom! Thanks for the ideas as I get rolling again, here. Ugh, so much to do!

  2. I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.
    A magical thing
    And sweet to remember.

    'We are nearer to Spring
    Than we were in September,"
    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.

    Oliver Herford

  3. What a great tribute to fall. The page Lo are great and so are the photos that you posted.