Friday, January 29, 2010

Been awhile....

I know it has been awhile... Here is what I'm up to. I just finished scrapbooking a friends Christmas cards. Every year I put all the cards(pictures) she received from friends and family in an album. She said that she knows how hard it is for parents to get those pictures and she doesn't want to throw them away. It turned out cute. A very quick and easy project if anyone is looking for somewhere to start and is overwhelmed with their personal albums.
I made another few cards and a few scrapbook pages in my albums. I'm at November 2006. I hope to finish 2006 by the end of the weekend. My husband and two oldest are gone on a camping weekend so I think I'll have some late nights by myself. Let me know your projects. I know some of you are really working on your albums. Let everyone know, be proud and help motivate. Post a comment. Pictures to come.

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