Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to scrapbook with children around

I know the title sounds like I could be lying, but it is true. Here is what I did today, I thought when my 3 year old was at preschool I would get a quick oil change, come home and scrap. WRONG!! The oil change took over one hour, ugh! I barely got to the preschool in time to pick her up. After lunch, I told Megan it was time to scrapbook. She was so excited. Although I didn't want her in my scrapbook closet :) I did put some paper and stamps on a table outside my closet. She lasted there a few minutes, saw her doll house and played quietly there. I was able to turn on my music, Christian, and sing. Megan was singing, playing in the doll house and I finished the putting together of three pages and finished another page from start to finish. I felt refreshed. I can't believe I'm on September 2006. I'm moving quick. See you CAN scrapbook, you just have to share a little. I'll post pictures after basketball practice tonight.

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