Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo organization 101

Today is a good day for me to look at how I organize my photo's. It is hard being so behind to get "caught up". I'm very lucky that my husband does an awesome job at downloading the photo's and organizing them on the computer. Let me tell you what he does so that you can start off the New Year on the right photo organization:
  • Import pictures from the camera card
  • Folders are created in our pictures file on the computer
  • Folders are labeled by year and month. Basically we have 12 folders per year.
  • Then we clear the camera card
  • We back up the photo's to a separate hard drive every now and then so we won't loose any of them.

I then take over from there. So today, I printed( I'll explain in a minute) Nov 2006, December 2006 and June 2007. I had to organize the photo's I had already printed a few months ago. I don't print a huge bunch at a time because then I will get overwhelmed. I organize the photo's by month in a small file folder, $1 at Target. Once I start a certain month, I then separate them into the pages I'm going to do. My albums are done by year. I have years 1998-2005 done and almost 2006 done!!!!

I decided to print my pictures through snapfish today because they have a sale (I love a sale !!) 50 prints for 50 cents. Hurry because this expires Jan. 7th. It didn't look like I could pick it up at Walgreens and get the deal so I had to ship. You have to pay for shipping but it was a good deal. Just some thoughts right now. I hope to post some pictures this evening.

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  1. Love the Snapfish deal - thanks for telling us! That will be more goal for tomorrow!! You know I'm overwhelmed with starting, but should I start with the baby pics/albums from six years ago or from 2009 - thoughts??!! I also clicked on the ads on the left and found some great wholesale scrapbooking deals and kitchen organizers. LOVE THIS!!! :-)