Friday, January 8, 2010

Scrapbook room

Just a few words of encouragement about your scrapbook spot. After many hours of research on line and magazines, I can't express how you MUST find a spot to call your own to scrapbook, if you are really wanting to scrapbook. Find a closet:), table, small spot, kitchen corner, cart table in your bedroom, corner of the basement, a spot by the laundry room, etc.. When you find that spot, decorate it the way that will inspire and keep you happy. My room is my favorite color. I also love white cabinets. My husband painted the cabinets. I also wrote a few inspiring words on the wall. After looking at other scrapbook rooms, I now have a few ideas of how I can change my room to make it better. I have some old school curriculum on the floor and I need to get it out of there.
Here is a picture. This area could be used much more efficiently. I have a few ideas and my goal is to have the space cleaned up by next weekend. I'm going to give myself a week. Keeping checking back to see what I've done. Comment back about your space or ideas I should do about my space.
Please pass along this blog to freinds that scrapbook or people that want to scrapbook.
Happy Scrapping!!!!

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